Woman flossing her teeth clean in front of the mirror

Clean teeth might save your life!


Evidence is mounting that gum disease plays a role in a range of serious health problems around the body. People with gum disease have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. There is also a known link with premature birth, lung and kidney disease. Gum disease is also associated with an ­increased risk of

Portrait of a stressed and exhausted looking middle aged woman trying to cool down face because she is going through menopause

Menopause. Your questions answered.


The menopause is the last menstrual period a woman has. The average age is 51 years (range 45-55 years). Smokers reach the menopause 1-4 years earlier than non-smokers. What are menopausal symptoms? A range of symptoms can occur several years before and after the menopause. The good news is that 20% of women have no

Herd of cows at summer green field

Lactose intolerance, Could you have it?


Lactose is a natural sugar found in dairy foods. It is digested in the bowel by an enzyme called ‘lactase’. People with lactose ­intolerance don’t have enough of this enzyme.  Symptoms of lactose intolerance can occur some time after eating and include: Abdominal discomfort or pain Bloating and wind Diarrhoea About 6 % of Caucasian Aussies

Blood pressure. What can you do?


Nearly 1 in 3 adult Australians has high blood pressure (hypertension). However, most people who are being treated are not reaching their target blood pressure. Many cases have not been diagnosed at all. Target blood pressure (BP) is under 140/90 for most people and lower for those at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, e.g. people

Handsome looking man who needs the HPV vaccine

HPV vaccine now approved for males


HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination has recently been approved for males aged 9-26 years. The vaccine protects men from the papillomavirus which causes genital warts and genital cancers. HPV is the most common sexually ­transmitted disease in Australia and infects 4 in 5 people at some time in their lives. There are > 40 types of

Healthy skiers on ski lift enjoying themselves

How to avoid getting sick this winter


It’s that time of the year again when viruses are out in force and many people turn to vitamins and pills to ward off colds and flus. However, the best way to avoid winter germs is with a flu shot, a healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene. Colds and flus are caught in two main

Bircher muesli with tropical mangos bannana and passionfruit

Bircher muesli


It is important to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast improves concentration and energy levels and helps maintain a healthy weight by reducing snacking and binge eating. Bircher muesli is a traditional Swiss recipe developed around 1900 by Dr Max Bircher-Benner. It is a moist muesli based on rolled oats soaked usually overnight

Mother cuddling her worried child outdoor in nature

Fears and worries part of growing up


Most children have fears or worries of some kind, which in most cases are short-lived. However, about one in 10 children experience more severe anxiety that stops them from getting the most out of life. Anxiety sometimes runs in families. It can also be learnt by watching others, from scary experiences or from things in

Asian baby with nappy rash having bottom cleaned and nappy changed

Nappy rash. How to prevent it


Nappy rash is common in infancy. ­However, some babies have sensitive skin and get nappy rash repeatedly. Here are some simple tips to reduce the risk. The main causes of nappy rash are moisture under the nappy, overheating and friction (rubbing). Other factors are: Faeces, especially diarrhoea Cloth nappies, nappy liners, plastic pants Bubble baths,

Close up of a fatty liver

Fatty liver. The new epidemic


Fatty liver is thought to affect at least one in five adults and is now the most common chronic liver condition in Australia. It reflects a build-up of excess fat in the liver. In the past, alcohol was the key factor in fatty liver but obesity and diabetes are now the ­major causes of this