Angelo DiGiglio APAM

Angelo James DiGiglio APAM

B.phty (ACU), BAppSc, BHSc (Hons), DRM


Angelo is a Physiotherapist with interest areas of musculoskeletal injuries, arthritic conditions, joint replacement surgeries, older adults, falls prevention and strength programs.

As part of working with various sporting teams including tennis, golf and endurance events he has provided Sports Physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Angelo has extensive experience working in Physiotherapy clinics across Sydney with over 15 years clinical experience.

He is also a highly trained Myofascial deep muscle therapist and Trigger Point expert in the treatment for postural and functional disorders.

His strong research background previously working as a researcher in the Biomedical and Health Science sphere allows him to remain up to date with current clinical research spanning over three modalities (Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Manual Therapy).

For appointments contact Angelo on 96617866 or 0401877895
E: [email protected]